Paint a Picture Blue

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Recorded by: Rhythm Road
Written by: JoAnn Morrell
Riffing on the color blue. ‘The bottom of the world’ stems from my fascination with Antarctica.


Forget green and yellow, give me the color blue.
Forget green and yellow, give me the color blue.
I’m so blue, blue, blue, what on earth am I gonna do?

You see my baby up and left me, you know the story, found somebody new.
After fifteen years, you mean to tell me all he had to say was adieu.
Well I’m mad, I’m sad, I’m gonna paint a picture blue.

With a vibrant shade of red, I could make a fiery sight.
With orange and gold, I could paint a candle bright.
But blue’s the only color, I want to use tonight.

At the bottom of the world, the ice is blue.
It’s packed so tight, that only blue can make it through.
It sounds like the perfect place, to get over losing you.

The days go up and down, you can’t be happy through and through.
Cos’ sometimes you’re lonely, or you’re in a funky mood.
No, you can’t live your life baby, without the color blue.