Hot Water on a Cold Day

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Recorded by: Rhythm Road
Written by: JoAnn Morrell
The title came to me as I was slipping into a hot tub one cold evening.


Been workin’ so hard out here in the fray
Gonna get myself home without any delay
Light a candle, fill the tub, put music on to play
Hot water on a cold day!

My man’s so sweet, I tell you girls he’s a pleasure
Findin’ him was like findin’ buried treasure
My darling sweet little honey babe, is like
Hot water on a cold day!

Hot water, yes sirree
Can help the situation immeasurably,
Add some bubbles for a special treat,
No sir, it just can’t be beat!

It’s dark and dreary; it’s been one of those days
Gonna slide right in and soak this chill away
A surefire way to keep the blues at bay
Hot water on a cold day!

The world’s a funny place; you know it’s hard to say
You never know when good times are gonna come your way
Just one simple thing can make it all okay
Hot water on a cold day!