Get Behind It

Listen to the song
Recorded by: Rhythm Road
Written by: JoAnn Morrell
We do this in a higher key now but I felt we captured something in this take. I love the violin/sax riff; it’s like the glue that holds the song together.


Get behind it, with all of your might
Get behind it, let it take flight
Get behind it, say it loud and clear
Write it, paint it, dance it, speak it
Without any fear.

If you think you can do it then give it a try
The fruits of your labor will multiply
Slow as molasses or fast as a hare
It’s movin’ those feet that’s going to take you there

Get behind it, don’t listen to the doubt
You know to hit a home run baby
You’re gonna have to strike out
Take a chance, step up to the plate
Dreams don’t happen while you play it safe

Give it everything you’ve got
Don’t hold anything in reserve
The more you give, the more there is
It’s a law of the universe.

We’re fools to think we’ve got plenty of time
You snap your fingers and your life’s gone by
So just get started don’t hesitate
Enter the garden, open the gate.

Get behind it, play your whole deck
And doors will open, where you least expect
Take a risk, there aren’t any rules
You can do anything you think you can do
Turn your ideas into shining jewels.