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Recorded by: Rhythm Road
Written by: JoAnn Morrell
A chance conversation on a mountaintop led to this magical night on Grand Manan Island.


Camping on a cliff’s edge on an island sitting in the deep blue sea
Whales are swimming out there in the water and it makes me feel wild and free
The fog bank lifts and there’s a full moon poised like a queen up there in the sky
It’s four in the morning and my body’s tired but I can’t seem to close my eyes

I’m feeling elemental
There’s all that vast potential
Ringing in my ears and growing exponentially.
So come on let’s get back to what’s essential,
come on baby, come on fly with me
come fly with me.

As I gaze into the fire, worlds are born and die again in the coals
The worlds outside and the worlds inside meet and marry deep inside my soul
A child conceived from the marriage of the two rises in me like the tide
I just let that energy flow and buckle up for the ride

Fog so dense now that I can’t see
Waves crashing on the rocks below
I can hear the music of the spheres
Droning underneath it all