Double Deuce

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Recorded by: Rhythm Road
Written by: JoAnn Morrell
A second portrait of a dancing fool. My friend had never danced in public until the time of this song.


On Friday night when the week was done,
We’d drive to Pittsburgh to have some fun.
Dancin’ and a’prancin’ to the Rhythm Kings,
Birds of a feather flappin’ our wings.

On our way home, we’d stop and have a bite,
At three in the morning, it would taste just right.
We’d have a cup of coffee to give us a boost,
Saturday mornin’ at the Double Deuce.
Double Deuce

Janny’s out of the closet,
She’s puttin’ on her dancin’ shoes.
The horn players are a’blowin’,
And Archie is singin’ the blues.
Double Deuce

We’d start when the floor was empty,
Gave us more room to spread our wings,
We wouldn’t stop ‘til the band was through.
When we went outside our ears would ring.
Double Deuce